Rewrite Your Limiting Beliefs With This Simple Journaling Prompt

When I first started seeing my own coach I was struggling with a life changing career decision. She introduced me to a simple journaling exercise inspired by Byron Katie’s thought-work. The goal is to be your own devil’s advocate by identifying your own limiting beliefs and challenging them. It can take as little as a few minutes, but can do a great deal to help you make a decision or get unstuck from a mental rut. We have the tendency to prune off the multitude of possibilities in our lives in order to provide simplicity, but by doing so sometimes we’re sometimes left with the unintended consequence of being stuck.

  1. Identify the anxiety inducing thought.

    • “If I quit my job I’ll regret it.”

  2. Identify 3 reasons this might not be true.

    • I’m not happy now - what’s there to regret

    • The only thing I’d miss is the people, and I’ll keep the friends I’ve made

    • By leaving this job I’ll open myself to finding something I enjoy

    • I’ve made big changes in the past (moving to school, moving to a new city, etc), and it’s always been worth the discomfort.

  3. Examine the body of evidence you’ve created and re-write the original story.

    • “I’m not happy with my current job so by leaving it I am taking un unregrettable action...The only thing I’ll miss is the people, and I’ll keep in touch with the ones I’ve become friends with. Taking this leap will leave me open to finding something enjoy and move me forward in my life, as has happened in the past when I’ve made similar life-changing decisions.”

Repeat daily!

Once you’ve completed these journaling exercises for a week take the top two that keep nagging at you and dig deeper into them using Byon Katie’s four questions that defeat negative thoughts. The goal here isn’t necessarily to solve you problems quickly, but to open you up to new possibilities you may be ignoring if you’re not looking, or simply focusing on the negative.

If you’re interested in learning more about Byron Katie’s Work you can find a ton of free resources at The Work.